Wednesday, August 1, 2007

BOM Peoples

Now back to religion. I can't have the majority of my posts be negative or political since neither really describes me. So, back in dental school I rode the metro every day. In the mornings I would do my daily scripture study on the metro reading from my palm day planner. Since I am such a documentation freak I have made a few lists. Below is a list of the general peoples in the BOM. I made this to help me see the major population flow in the book. I know it needs some tweaking so if you see anything incorrect or questionable please point it out.

I-Lehi's family

A-Nephites under Nephi

B-Nephites under Mosiah ~ Muelekites


1-In the land of Lehi

2-In the land of Nephi

3-Stolen Lamanite daughters~Amulonites

4-In the land of Amulon ~ Lamanites in the land of Lehi

5-Converts of Ammon & his brethren = Anti-Nephi-Lehies - AKA - People of Ammon

6-Additional groups of Lamanites converted by the Anti-Nephi-Lehies ~Anti-Nephi-Lehies

7-Servants of the king that Amalackiah killed

8-4000 Lamanite warriors that Moroni makes covenant against war and live with the people of Ammon (on his way to Nephihah)

9-Lamanite warriors that Moroni makes covenant against war and live with the people of Ammon (in Nephihah)

D-Ishmael and his family

II-Muelekites in Zarahemla

III-Nephites & Muelekites under Mosiah*

A-Zeniff & his search party

1-Alma and the believers

2-King Noah's priests~Amulonites

B-Ammon & 15 other men

C-The sons of Mosiah

D-Amlicites~Lamanites in the land of Nephi


F-5400 men & their wives & children, & other North bound groups at time of Hagoth


H-Gadianton & the band of Kishkumen - AKA - Gadianton Robbers

I-North bound groups to the Land of Desolation~


1-Converts of Alma 2's group that flees to Jershon ~ Anti-Nephi-Lehies


A-Main group of people

B-Corihor's group

V-Amulonites=King Noah's priests & the Lamanite daughters


A-North bound groups to the Land of Desolation ~

VII-North bound groups to the Land of Desolation

Total # of peoples = 25 (General Lamanites are all considered one people until they become separated & join with another group)

*not included in the overall number because they are/will be other groups combined

~became a part of another main group

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