Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Thoughts Lately

  1. In faith precedes the miracles it is funny to read where the prophet Spencer W Kimball describes the amazing technological advances that have happened (up to that point in the late 70's) by detailing how we can sit in our living room and watch on our tv a fight in Madison Square Garden
  2. Are wealthy people more likely to be conservative because conservative policies are more likely to keep money with the individual and therefore they migrate to that party, or are conservative values more likely to make you wealthy?
  3. The constitution is for controlling human nature and keeping it in check so those who have authority can't use it to take advantage of people
  4. Beckham is the most loving and giving person I think I've ever met, he always is amazing us w/ his natural giving and caring nature. It makes me fear we will lose him b/c he is too pure for this world
  5. Members of the church don't have a 100% knowledge that it is true and therefore a 0% doubt. Similarly, those who have left the church don't have a 100% disbelief and a 0% faith. We all have a varied percentage, when it falls below 50% we tend to leave and when its above 50% we tend to stick around.
  6. Probably our largest political problem right now is that we argue too often and too strongly over our disagreements, and not so much because we disagree or what we disagree on.
  7. it irritates me when people who subscribe to the Mormon faith and its requirements for personal revelation also infer superior personal revelation despite not adhering to those canonized prerequisites

Friday, February 5, 2010

Love this

Comment on my brother's blog where they showed how much money they saved in their shopping..

Love your family
...but why do you guys even care what is a good deal or even free lately?
I mean come on. The head of your household is a DENTIST. Bringin' in the big bucks ya know?
Who cares what's free when you'll never have to worry about $?
Kuddos though. :)

As a dentist I get judged the same way all the time. I like what his physician friend said in a later comment. In my current ward I know people with other jobs that make more than I ever have as a dentist yet they don't get judged similarly b/c they don't have the title. I can't decide if it is more funny or more bothersome because it is definitely both.