Thursday, September 6, 2007

NYT Op-ed

I used to listen to talk radio on my commute a lot, but I have actually lessened the amount that I listen to lately. This is primarily because I get tired of politics. The other day when listening I felt the usual frustration when hearing how both parties will play politics more than trying to improve the country. The worst is when I see one party do something that hurts the country overall just to slightly improve their party standing. If anything, altruistic politicians should prefer to do just the opposite.

As I was listening I thought up an analogy of the current situation. There is a similarity between Pharisees rejecting the known miracles of Jesus. When they saw these (fairly undeniable) miracles they chose to remove him so that he wouldn't threaten their positions of power. It seems that the current political hierarchy rejects 1-the desires of the American majority to satisfy lobbyists and 2-the ever increasingly apparent signs of the times to keep their positions of power. I even would like to write this out well and make it an op-ed in the NYT, but that is my usual lofty aspiration/expectation that I have learned to be realistic about. There also seems to be a similarity between the Sanhedrin and the Far Left using courts/judges to change laws to be contrary to majority opinion and desires as well.


Marisa said...

Very interesting analogies.
What in the world is NYT and op-ed?

Carson Calderwood said...

NYT = New York Times
op-ed = Opinion/editorial

Erin said...

Started looking at your blog every now and then…I think you, me, and a lot of Americans are so tired of political parties. As for those analogies, it's funny because I think about them a lot too. Not because I listen to talk radio, but I read a lot and have really been into non fiction as of late. Combine that with my scripture study and well you can help but see the similarities.

I read the NY Times every day for four years, still do when I can get my hands on it. Just not sure they would publish a piece that compares today with the scriptures...they tend to be a bit liberal for that. But I guess it’s worth a try.

Jared, Leslie & Vale Ethan said...

Hope you don't mind me dropping a line here Carson...

Consider Sen. Larry Craig. Clearly a beacon of moral direction... Perfect example.


Carson Calderwood said...

Jared, thanks for the post. The more comments made, the greater the conversation!