Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Written/Unwritten Orders

I don't post very often here in an effort to keep it concentrated (as in just add water, not as in focused thought). I couldn't resist posting this thread from one of my favorite LDS blogs. The Old Written Order of Things. I can be somewhat of a dichotomy at times. I strongly believe that priesthood holders should try to wear white shirts when officiating in ordinances of the priesthood in an effort to show respect to the power that they hold and the ordinance they are performing. At the same time I even more strongly feel that people should not make this a requirement. This thread on Times & Seasons gives a good explanation of why we should not require it.


Jodee Chapman said...

I liked that posting. I have always felt that it is what is on the inside that matters more than the outside. Don't get me wrong, I think appearence matters but I agree that making it a requirement would not be OK. I would rather they be clean on the inside than the outside. I also like how the articles posted show the test of time. Same message we get today, just worded a bit differently =)

the narrator said...

i haven't worn a white shirt to church in years. i loved being in hawaii and seeing the sacrament passed in aloha shirts and flip flops. the white shirt and t-shirt craze just reminds me of how influenced the church has been by the business world.

Shelley & Jake said...

These kinds of matters were discussed in another young church that was growing cross-culturally: early Christianity. Jesus addresses this type of thing in the gospels as well (Pharisees wondering why Jesus & disciples didn't wash their hands before eating, as was Jewish tradition, or observe the Sabbath). The New Testament solution was to not burden people with matters which are cultural, rather than religious. In fact, Paul said that he would try to blend with the culture of the people he was teaching in order to make the gospel more accessible to them.