Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Greatest Thing Ever!

At various times in my life I've thought over the question, "What is the single greatest thing in my life?"

A few years ago I decided that for me it is the influence of the spirit:
  • Some of you might be surprised that I didn't say the best thing in my life is my wife Marisa. If you know our story I wouldn't have been inspired to go where I met her or inspired to go up an talk to her if it was not for the influence of the spirit. So without my #1 I could never of had my beloved #2.
  • The influence of the spirit has brought me that much desired comfort in my times of emotional, spiritual and even physical difficulty.
  • I have received slowly over time a testimony of the Gospel via the influence of the spirit which has in turn been a source of comfort knowing the fundamental answer to life's three fundamental questions.
  • I would never have chosen the profession I did without the influence of the spirit and therefore had the confidence to pursue a job that gave me more time with my family.
  • There have been many times in my life where I have noticed a different kind of inspiration that I must attribute to the influence of the spirit rather than just a normal idea that pops into my head.
What is your "Greatest Thing Ever?"


Jodee said...

I would have to agree on this one. For me I guess it would be finding the Gospel that gave me the gift of the Holy Ghost. But I guess you could say it was the influence of the spirit that led me to fing the Gospel and get baptized and receive that gift... So... yeah, I agree! Most other great things in my life have come as a result of all that!

Brian said...