Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slate on Mormonism Perseverance

Slate has recently released an article on how Mormonism could save the USA if it were to collapse from political/social/environmental causes. Very interesting article, though he did get some simple things wrong. For example, "upon his resurrection, Jesus Christ will rule on American soil." He doesn't know that all Christians believe Jesus was already resurrected. Big miss there.

It was interesting that he used the word clannish. I think that was his kind attempt to avoid the distasteful (to us) word cultish. I like his description of us, "They are just like us, only they're always on their best behavior." I'm glad he was candid and honest without any of the incorrect, negative preconceived notions that tend to be written about us by those on the outside.


Marisa said...

Did you read the additional text?

In the book Empire, Card presents a non-Mormon-related scenario for the dissolution of the United States: a civil war between the red states and the blue states. “We forget that America is not an ethnic nation, where ancient ties of blood can bind people together despite differences,” Card writes in the novel’s afterword. “We are created by ideology; ideas are our only connection. And because today we have discarded the free marketplace of ideas and have polarized ourselves into two equally insane ideologies … we are ripe for that next step, to take preventive action to keep the other side from seizing power and oppressing our side.”


Carson Calderwood said...

I read some, but not all. That is interesting.

I read that book they refer too, and although the idea is true, he made to many mental leaps in his book.