Monday, December 28, 2009

All news is good news?

Mormons make the news again in the PNW. Delilah is a local evening radio host that is syndicated in other parts of the country so her influence is fairly significant. I'm not sure what I think about this. She definitely seems to only have a real problem with Covey's Mormonism rather than his book's tenants. I read a few of the comments...very interesting.


Cody said...

Wow, she is quite the hypocritical person isn't she? I find it hillarious that she didn't provide one single example of how Covey's book is "repackaging mormonism". Her decision to boycott the school over the book has more to do with her deep rooted hatred for mormons and less for her concern that her kids receive a quality Christian education. She is making a weak claim that the students should only be exposed to books by "true" Christians. Upon her standards, you better throw out most of the math and science classes while they are at it because many math and science discoveries were made by pagans and non-christians. In fact, much of the classical literature should be banned from that school as well.
I don't care if a pagan, jew, persian, budhist, mormon or muslim wrote the book. What I care about is the content of the book. Delilah is an ignorant bigot and unfortunately her ignorant approach to education will greatly limit the learning experience of those kids at the Christian school.
While at BYU (the University for the LDS church) I read textbooks and literature from authors of all faiths, and guess what, I'm still a devout Mormon who believes in Jesus Christ.
How pathetic that she thinks Stephen Covey's book will in some way taint the minds of those students.

Marisa said...

Wow, those comments were all over the place. What I thought was interesting was 1- that she seems to think that Mormonism is similar to yoga and Eastern Religions and 2- that the newspaper allowed her inference that Mormonism is in any way similar to Satan worship. And I'm not positive, but I would bet that some of the more scholarly studies of the Bible at BYU include the Apocrypha. I never liked her radio show anyway :)