Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There have been many things I was tempted to post about over the past few months, but with a fourth baby, work getting terribly busy and my scout calling, I haven't had anything motivate me enough to post despite the aforementioned difficulties.  I even started a couple, but have them saved as incomplete edits.  Anyway, I really like the church's new marketing/media campaign and I couldn't resist posting this link that I have below.  I think the campaign will sync well with the general population, and I really like the following example of it.  If you haven't created one for yourself (and you are Saint of record), I highly recommend logging in and doing it.

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the narrator said...

the concern I have with the new is that because of its heavy moderation, the site will ultimate be a collection of profiles of Mormons that the moderators think should represent Mormonism. Instead of allowing the site to organically compose itself, but limiting which members profiles are made public and which are prohibited, the site ultimately becomes a cosmetic/constructed/commercialized composition instead of reality.

I understand the need for light moderation to prevent pornography, anti-Mormonism, and commercial abuse. However, the overt moderation leaves the site as a fake PR version of Mormonism and not the real thing.

Or perhaps I am just sad that after nearly 3 months, my profile is still on perpetual "pending review."

Jodee said...

I had never seen these, i think they are great. i totally get what the above comment is getting at and i agree that it is pretty heavily moderated but I also think it is fantastic that some creative, well rounded individuals are being hi-lighted. There are so many misconceptions about the church that i think a little moderation cant hurt.

Carson Calderwood said...

I also agree with you Loyd that this will limit the profiles, but I'm ok with that. I feel that we don't need to give a complete spectrum of our membership. This effort not only combats the negative stereotypes out there, but it does so with a surprisingly wide swath of the faithful portion of the spectrum. It is wider and done professionally better than I would have assumed.

I listed mine as well a week ago, I'll let you know if I get approved.

Cody said...

I like the profiles that I have seen so far. I've always been interested in the diversity of professions and hobbies of church members. That was one of the reasons that being a member in Maryland was so exciting- the extremely cool spectrum of careers held by the members in our ward. I do get the feeling though that this site will be utilized more by current members than investigators. What I mean by that is if someone is investigating the church, I don't think they would scroll through these wonderful profiles to help them decide on whether or not to join the church. For me, this site seems more suited to help current members see that we are not some weird cult, we are a global church, we are very diverse, we come from all walks of life, and what ties us all together is our belief that God loves us and has restored the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today.