Friday, February 5, 2010

Love this

Comment on my brother's blog where they showed how much money they saved in their shopping..

Love your family
...but why do you guys even care what is a good deal or even free lately?
I mean come on. The head of your household is a DENTIST. Bringin' in the big bucks ya know?
Who cares what's free when you'll never have to worry about $?
Kuddos though. :)

As a dentist I get judged the same way all the time. I like what his physician friend said in a later comment. In my current ward I know people with other jobs that make more than I ever have as a dentist yet they don't get judged similarly b/c they don't have the title. I can't decide if it is more funny or more bothersome because it is definitely both.

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Rachel said...

We think a lot about this the common comment when a dentist drives by in a nice car, "My kids braces paid for that car!" Would anyone ever say that about another professional? sheesh. I may be biased but I also think that dentists/doctors and others that have gone to school for many years need to get some major slack because longer schooling equals more loans, usually, which aren't so visible or memorable to anyone but the people paying back the loans!