Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Thoughts Lately

  1. In faith precedes the miracles it is funny to read where the prophet Spencer W Kimball describes the amazing technological advances that have happened (up to that point in the late 70's) by detailing how we can sit in our living room and watch on our tv a fight in Madison Square Garden
  2. Are wealthy people more likely to be conservative because conservative policies are more likely to keep money with the individual and therefore they migrate to that party, or are conservative values more likely to make you wealthy?
  3. The constitution is for controlling human nature and keeping it in check so those who have authority can't use it to take advantage of people
  4. Beckham is the most loving and giving person I think I've ever met, he always is amazing us w/ his natural giving and caring nature. It makes me fear we will lose him b/c he is too pure for this world
  5. Members of the church don't have a 100% knowledge that it is true and therefore a 0% doubt. Similarly, those who have left the church don't have a 100% disbelief and a 0% faith. We all have a varied percentage, when it falls below 50% we tend to leave and when its above 50% we tend to stick around.
  6. Probably our largest political problem right now is that we argue too often and too strongly over our disagreements, and not so much because we disagree or what we disagree on.
  7. it irritates me when people who subscribe to the Mormon faith and its requirements for personal revelation also infer superior personal revelation despite not adhering to those canonized prerequisites


Cody said...

1. It makes me wonder how far advanced technologically we will be in another 30 years.
2. From my limited interaction, it appears that wealthy people tend to be conservative because the policies tend to favor them keeping their wealth.
3. I think we are seeing a revival of the American people to this reality.
4. If he is so pure, don't you think the Lord would rather have him here on the earth to help Him in His work in these latter days? I'm just not a believer in the line of thought that the Lord takes people from the earth because of their righteousness. I don't even know if that's doctrine. Seeing how much work needs to be done in the earth, I believe He would prefer to have as many righteous and stalwart priesthood holders and women here on the earth to "bring about the immortality and eternal life of man".
5. sure
6. I agree. I see too much arguing and defending a particular party merely for the sake of making ones preferred party be right and displaying the other party as wrong. I know some of the founding fathers wanted our country to have a two party system, but I'm really annoyed with the extreme polarization that we are seeing in this country. I also hate that both major political parties pull stupid political games and stunts to gain more power. It's to the point that BOTH parties aren't interested in doing what's best for the American people, but rather doing what will give them the most power.
7. I'm not sure what you mean here.

Deon said...

Great thoughts, brothers. I am a little confused about #7 as well. #6 is totally true. Sorry -that's all I got.

Carson Calderwood said...

I don't think that what I said in #4 is doctrine, I'm just saying it is a fear we have. It probably stems from a similar feeling that whenever something is really working out perfectly, I'm afraid that something around the corner is going to make the perfection end.

#7 refers to a personal incident where someone who obviously doesn't live a life worthy of the spirit has told me that I am wrong on some of my personal feelings and that they are right. Furthermore, they know they are right because the spirit confirmed it to them. Their blindness to the fact that they were not living a life worthy of the spirit, yet claiming (not just disagreeing) superiority over me was disturbing and bothersome to me.

Dr Calderwood said...

"#7 refers to a personal incident where someone who obviously doesn't live a life worthy of the spirit has told me that I am wrong on some of my personal feelings and that they are right."

Does this refer to me and my answer for your #4?

Carson Calderwood said...

10-4 big daddy

Cody said...

I knew it! For your information, just because I wear a blue shirt and tie to church and drink an occasional Dr. Pepper does not mean I'm living a life unworthy of the spirit. :) (oh, and sorry for changing my accounts. Dr. Calderwood is still me, for those that were confused)

Anonymous said...

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