Monday, November 22, 2010

Sweet Video

In my last post I mentioned that I don't see the Church as perfect.  Despite the amazing good things that the Church does and helps people achieve, there are some problems there.  Not admitting such is intellectual dishonesty in my opinion.  Here is a series of videos that explains well the origin to many of these problems with the Church, its leadership and general members.  Furthermore, it gives this information with an appropriate perspective and in an more articulate manner than I could.  The first three videos deal with this topic, the last three deal more with evidences.  Definitely watch the first three!


Anonymous said...

Interesting video. Didn't agree with many of the presenters assumptions, but overall was a good look at some of the reasons why people leave the church. It was refreshing that the old stand-by argument that those who leave only do so because of some dark sin in their life wasn't given here.
The presenter's idea of what a prophet truly is (and I agree with what he stated here) does happen to go against what is taught from the pulpit and the prophets/leaders themselves. Also goes against the way the majority of members semi-worship the "bretheren". Just this last conference, a great emphasis was placed on what I think is an inappropriate "follow the prophet" mantra which pretty much negates the argument made in the video.

Carson Calderwood said...

Sorry Anon for not letting this your comment get posted earlier. For some reason it was marked as spam and I had to approve it. I didn't know this was happening to a couple comments so they were never posted until today.